Key Person

Protecting your business

How strong are your company’s foundations? If key staff leave, are ill for a long period of time or are unable to continue working for a particular reason, what would this mean for you and your business, and do you even know who all your key people are.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

Understand the answers to all of these questions through the Chasebridge Wealth Management Key Person service.

We start by carrying out a detailed analysis using our experience and expertise and also based on a successful tried-and-tested formula.

Our analysis will:

  • Identify just how reliant your organisation is on a few individuals
  • Establish what protection would be required to minimise the impact
  • Work out subsequent risk to business loans and loss of profit
  • Ascertain any disruption to your company’s long-term future, should you lose a key person

Take action now

Losing highly-skilled people with years of experience and knowledge of your business to competitors is only going to injure your business. Don’t let this happen, be in control, speak to Chasebridge Wealth Management today and make sure you have everything you need to keep your key people firmly in place.