The Solopreneur

Understanding you

A ‘solopreneur’ is an entrepreneur who performs all of the tasks related to their business alone. This is the main difference when compared to an entrepreneur. In this modern age with so much technology at our fingertips, there is likely to be a rise in solopreneurs, with many starting their business with no intention of employing staff.

Protecting your business

When everything in your business falls on your shoulders, it’s important to consider the protections you need to cover you and your family’s financial security should you be unable to work for any reason.

You might be the only one working for your business, but you’re not alone. Chasebridge Wealth Management is here to help, we care about you and your business.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

We offer a solopreneur service designed to assess and review and then put in place strategies and recommendations aimed at ensuring you not only survive but prosper.

As part of our comprehensive solopreneur service, we can:

  • Assess your income protection
  • Review your personal life insurance 
  • Organise a recommendation session
  • Provide efficiency optimised tax guidance

Take action now

You might be a solopreneur, but you’re not on your own – Chasebridge Wealth Management is here to offer vital support, lend expert help and offer valuable advice. Pick up the phone and we’ll be there.