Financial Journey Planner

Do you think your money could be working harder for you? Not sure of what the future looks like? Haven’t taken the time to think about what you want?

Our Financial Journey Planning service is here to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations. You may wish to retire sooner, buy a property in the south of France or leave a legacy for your children. You may not yet know what the destination is but just that you need the support of an expert team to discover this and set you on the right track.

What it means for you

We believe that life matters and we want you to dare to dream and believe you can. We’ll work with you to challenge your thinking, current plans and objectives to provide a window into your future life. Our customers find this an extremely empowering activity that puts your future in your hands.

We help you to take control.

Financial planning in action

Having reached the age of 50 where wisdom and contentment usually meet, Sean Biollo was gearing up for at least another decade of work.

He resigned himself to the fact that his lack of millionaire status had damned him to yet more years of being part of the rat race that he had begun to tire of.

He said: “I naturally assumed I had at least five to 10 years of work ahead of me, but Gordon at Chasebridge said that that may not be the case. Who wouldn’t want to pack up work early, spend more time with their loved ones and start taking up new, enjoyable hobbies? He offered to go through my financial situation to see whether the dream could actually become a reality.”

Read Sean’s story in full.

Working with Chasebridge

Ultimately, we invest the time to get to know you, your aspirations, your current financial position and then deliver a plan to help you achieve what you need. We help with a strategy, like creating your own financial sat-nav to help you achieve financial wellbeing. Once we have a plan in place, we will be in regular contact with you because we understand that not everything can run exactly to plan and sometimes, we need to make tweaks for those unexpected moments.

Rapid Response File

This file is a quick guide to what you own and how to access it. As a Financial Journey Planning customer, we will endeavour this is kept up to date with details of your advisers, trust and policy documents, a copy of your will, details of any gifts made and all financial accounts and holdings.

You will receive a hard copy, plus we store an electronic copy for you. This will be updated if your circumstances change and after an annual financial review. Many policy documents are mislaid or well hidden, and with no knowledge of a policy or plan, can become part of the enormous pot of unclaimed monies sitting with the UK’s financial institutions.

We have the skills and expertise to take you to where you want to go. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?