Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace

Motivating and retaining employees is fundamental to the long-term success of a business, and wellbeing is widely recognised as a significant factor to a happy and productive workforce contributing significantly to business success. 

Wellbeing can simply be categorised into two key elements; physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing can be adversely affected by many factors, but an individual’s financial awareness and circumstances are now understood to be as important as issues such as spiritual and emotional health. 

Financial Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a key service for employers to offer to their employees and potentially it has never been more important than now considering the damage the Covid 19 crisis has had on people and their finances.

We work with employers to provide a series of webinars, workshops and presentations that can suit the workforce and the business. We can provide employees with financial education which can stand alone or form part of your long-term employee wellbeing programme.

  • Financial Pressure - Only 43% of employees say they usually have anything left over at the end of the month1
  • Money worries - 25%of employees have lost sleep over money worries1
  • Stress at Work - 59% of employees cite financial matters as their primary cause of stress2
  • Lower Productivity - 36% of workers report a drop in productivity of 1 hour due to financial difficulties. 30%felt it was 1-2 hours3
  • Don’t know where to go - Only 7% of employees said their employer offered face to face counselling and advice3

At the core is a programme to engage your employees and allow them time to relate to their own situation.  We consider their circumstances and financial goals, highlighting and explaining the things they might encounter, the options open to them, and empower them to make informed decisions regarding their finances now and in the future. We can also provide ongoing support and tools for the attendees to access and use. 

Our Financial wellbeing programmes are delivered by Chasebridge Wealth Management advisers who are highly qualified, accredited and experienced.

The data we gather highlighting attendee numbers, subsequent follow-up meetings and anecdotal feedback can provide valuable MI with which to reinforce your commitment to employee wellbeing.

Key areas covered in these educational programmes:

  • Budgeting, and understanding your existing loans and mortgages, 
  • Savings and Investment Planning including Tax health check
  • Protection – Financially protecting individual, family or business needs in the event of unforeseen circumstances 
  • Pensions and investment reviews - Check how the plan is going, and if the destination is on track.
  • Retirement planning - help you plan life, desires and financial decisions and a path to retirement
  • Inheritance Tax and Intergenerational Wealth planning
  • Financial Goal setting – understand options aiming to get there, like a financial sat-nav to help achieve financial wellbeing

We also provide tailored programs for senior management and Directors, drop- in clinics, 1-1 consultations and there is an e-learning website with articles and tips that can be set for the individual’s preferences.  

Please contact us today to register your interest on 01707 643555 or

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Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace

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