Family Comes First Service

Align your life cover

Life insurance is a policy that needs to be revisited and adjusted when big life changes occur such as marriage, parenthood and purchasing a new home. However, many people purchase a policy and forget about it.

Life cover should evolve with you which is why Our Family Comes First Service will reassess the policy and make the required changes, ensuring your family comes first. It is a useful policy which can be used to help pay off debts, cover funeral costs and provide a short-term income for those left behind when you pass on.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

Our dedicated team are experts in understanding life insurance policies and will give independent and transparent advice. Chasebridge Wealth Management is in the business of providing impartial and relevant advice, so you can be reassured that your family will have financial stability in your absence.

Our four-step approach

Our four-step approach is comprehensive and thorough which enables us to tailor a bespoke service to each of our clients’ unique circumstances. Our Family Comes First Service comes with four meetings.

Meeting 1 – ‘Getting To Know You’ helps us to:

  • Discuss your circumstances – family members, income and expenditure, savings, loans, credit cards and mortgage
  • Ascertain existing life policies in place
  • Agree priority of protection
  • Discuss preferred budget

We will:

  • Outline the Chasebridge Wealth Management services on offer, provide a general outline of fees and charges (initial consultation without obligation)
  • Ask you to provide details of your existing policies, income, expenditure, assets and debts
  • Use the information provided to calculate any potential shortfall in cover to protect the family.  For example:
    • Cover any outstanding debts
    • Provide an income to the family in the event of death
    • Provide replacement income on incapacity
    • Provide medical cover for the family

Meeting 2 – ‘Your Way Forward’:

  • Review quotes – amount of cover, term, premium
  • Discuss key features, relevance etc
  • Questions?
  • Happy to proceed?

Meeting 3 – ‘Launchpad’:

  • Review advice documentation
  • Complete application forms, ID, bank details
  • Discuss the use of trusts and other services available through Chasebridge Wealth Management

We will:

  • Complete the application process and apply for cover.
  • Inform you of the outcomes and any underwriting needs
  • Provide you with a recommendation report and confirm policies are on risk

Meeting 4 – ‘Light touch contact’:

  • Check if your circumstances of goals have changed, if so schedule a meeting
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My husband and I have only had good experience of Gordon Craft and this team. He has given us excellent advice for several years and we trust him implicitly. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to understand our discussions about finance as I have a long term illness which affects my concentrat...

Sarah Thompson | Housewife, London

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