Leave it to Loved Ones Service

Leaving your legacy

Planning for a future which you are not part of can make life a lot easier for your loved ones when it comes to inheritance.

Knowing how’s best to secure your life savings for loved ones and ensure HMRC get no more than they are entitled to along with considerations of when the best time to act can lead to a fog of confusion.

At Chasebridge Wealth Management, we understand how important it is to some people to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones. The team at Chasebridge Wealth Management will help you to navigate the financial landscape, ensuring financial security is in place for those left behind.

Our Leave It to Loved Ones service will see our expert team take an overview of your financial situation. We will discover the details, that with a little tweaking, could help minimise the risk and maximise the sum you can leave to those you hold most dear.

Trusts, gift plans and wills are all areas we assess to ensure that your wishes are met.

The writing of a will involves the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James's Place. Wills along with Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

As part of our Leave it to Loved Ones Service a full overview of your financial situation is carried out, which focuses on adjustments we might make to ensure the maximise sum is left for those you hold most dear.

Our four-step approach

Our four-step approach is comprehensive and thorough which enables us to tailor a bespoke service to each of our clients’ unique circumstances. Our Retire Sooner Service comes with four meetings.

Meeting 1 – ‘Getting To Know You’ helps us to:

  • Discuss objectives, needs and views regarding inheritance
  • Review your current estate – all assets, current debts and borrowings, pensions and life policies.
  • Anticipate growth on the estate – income against expenditure, anticipated inheritance and windfalls
  • Estimate the inheritance charge on the estate
  • Discuss the options – trusts, business relief, exemptions

Happy to explore further? We will:

  • Outline the Chasebridge Wealth Management services on offer
  • Provide a general outline of fees and charges (initial consultation is without obligation)
  • Ask you to provide full details of your estate
  • At Chasebridge Wealth Management will build a detailed estate analysis and produce options to help meet your needs regarding access to capital, income need from assets, beneficiaries and control of assets.

Meeting 2 – ‘Your Way Forward’:

There may be more than one of these depending on the complexity of the estate and your objectives and needs.

  • Present the analysis on the estate and current inheritance liability
  • Present recommendations to meet your objectives
  • Discuss implications of the recommendations
  • Discuss the fees and charges with the recommendation
  • Specify the potential inheritance tax saving
  • Schedule the actions, next steps and implementation of timings required in order to help you achieve the objectives
  • Happy to proceed? Do you have any questions?

Meeting 3 – ‘Launchpad’:

There may be more than one of these depending on the complexity of the estate and your objectives and needs.

  • Review the recommendations and implications
  • Confirm understanding and any changes to the estate and lifestyle
  • Still happy to proceed?
  • Discuss ongoing service levels and expectations
  • Complete application forms
  • Chasebridge Wealth Management to process applications, and confirm when set up
  • Agree and confirm ongoing service levels; review meetings, filing system and other services available

Meeting 4 – ‘On Track’ review meetings:

  • Confirm assets moved
  • Changes to the estate after the planning
  • Inheritance tax savings made
  • Outstanding planning needed

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.

The value of an investment with St. James's Place may rise as well as fall. You may get back less than you invested.

I came into contact with Gordon Craft five years ago. I needed to fund my mothers-in-law’s care home fees. It was not an easy decision to buy an Annuity for her, but his help and patience was exceptional.

Since then we have built up a good relationship and he has helped me with other inves...

Christopher Amos | Retired, Fakenham, Norfolk

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