Make Life Easier Service

Declutter your finances 

Life is busy and many people do not have time to oversee all their financial products, policies, pensions and paperwork. But there is help out there from experts who can bring it all together, streamlining and refining strategies.

Our Make Life Easier Service gathers all your financial products together to see if there are ways we can make them work harder for you and, if appropriate, consolidate plans to reduce the burden of administration. Our meticulous analysis will ensure we find any financial gaps that need covering or determine whether you are paying for more products that you need.

Ask us about our Make Life Easier Service and let us work hard to see if we can make your financial products work harder for you.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

Our goal is to give you an overview of all the financial products you have acquired to save you money, enjoy a better return and try to protect your financial future.

Our four-step approach

Our four-step approach is comprehensive and thorough which enables us to tailor a bespoke service to each of our clients’ unique circumstances. Our Retire Sooner Service comes with four meetings.

Meeting 1 – ‘Getting To Know You’ helps us to:

  • Discuss what could make your life easier
  • Take details of your plans and policies to be reviewed
  • Outline the Chasebridge Wealth Management services on offer, provide a general outline of fees and charges (initial consultation without obligation)
  • Sign letters of authority for each plan or policy you currently have to allow Chasebridge Wealth Management to gather information.
  • Send letters of authority to providers and collate required information.
  • Ask you to provide us with information for analysis of your income, expenditure, savings, investments and debts
  • We will gather information and analyse the plan and policy information for performance, risk, charges, costs of transfer, bonuses, guarantees

Meeting 2 – ‘Your Way Forward’:

  • Review plans and policies 
  • Highlight those which may be appropriate to consolidate
  • Discuss implications of consolidation – penalties, charges and fees
  • Can you see the benefits?
  • Happy to move forward?
  • Questions?

Meeting 3 – ‘Launchpad’:

  • Present recommendation report
  • Explain how life will be easier
  • Happy to proceed?
  • Agree and confirm ongoing service levels; review meetings, filing system, other services available

Meeting 4 – ‘On Track’:

  • Check for any change to your circumstances
  • Review of your consolidated plans and accounts (performance, contribution levels, risk)
  • Review of your goals and objectives – are they the same? Are we on track?

For the past twelve years I have had the privilege of Gordon Craft, director of Chasebridge Wealth Management, as my financial adviser. An agreeable and exceptionally well informed gentlemen whose recommendations and direction have more than withstood the tests of time. I trust Gordon’s judgement...

Nick Wells | Retired, Crowborough SX

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