Retire Sooner Service

Reach retirement sooner

Old age and retirement do not need to go hand in hand which is why Chasebridge Wealth Management will always focus on how to make you financially independent, irrespective of your date of birth. 

Our Retire Sooner Service looks at how we can help you plan your future, by laying out key financial decisions which could help you pack up work sooner than you think.

So, if you dream of travelling the world, spending more time on the golf course or visiting family and friends, ask about our Retire Sooner Service. Put the wheels in motion that will help lead you to your required destination.

Working with Chasebridge Wealth Management

We recognise that the pension world is constantly evolving which is why we provide the very latest advice and guidance on all aspects of retirement planning and how it interacts with government legislation, taxation, means-testing and state provision.

Our four-step approach

Our four-step approach is comprehensive and thorough which enables us to tailor a bespoke service to each of our clients’ unique circumstances. Our Retire Sooner Service comes with four meetings.

Meeting 1 – ‘Getting To Know You’ helps us to:

  • Explore your reasons to retire earlier
  • Understand your aims - Do you want to retire at a certain age or with a specific income?
  • Overview of your circumstances – existing pensions and savings, regular savings, income and expenditure, loans, mortgages and debts
  • Explain the Journey Planner and detail required
  • Discover if you are happy to explore further 

We will also:

  • Outline the Chasebridge Wealth Management services on offer and provide you with a general outline of fees and charges (initial consultation is without obligation)
  • Ask you to sign Letters of Authority to enable Chasebridge Wealth Management to obtain further information on your current policies and plans on your behalf to help assist the recommendation.
  • Ask you to provide information for an expenditure spreadsheet for your required lifestyle now and in retirement.
  • Run your information through our Financial Journey Planner to create a personal financial route to help meet your objectives.

Meeting 2 ‘Your Way Forward’:

  • Run through the Journey Planner
  • Obtain a current financial snapshot and current future pathway
  • Identify shortfalls and plan what’s needed to make up the difference
  • Decide on future destination and create a pathway to follow
  • Review current plans and policies and their suitability. Discuss alternatives
  • Highlight those which may be appropriate to consolidate
  • What’s next? Discuss ongoing servicing
  • We will prepare a full report and documentation for full report compliance review and approval

Meeting 3 ‘Launchpad’:

  • Discuss if there is a recommendation for consolidation or to create an additional savings vehicle aiming to build further investments for retirement income
  • Chasebridge Wealth Management will provide a recommendation report and documentation following a compliance review and approval;
  • Discuss implications of consolidation – penalties, charges and fees etc
  • Present potential returns and outcomes
  • Do you see or feel the benefits? Are you happy to procced?
  • Process and administer the agreed consolidation or additional savings

Meeting 4 ‘On Track’ review meetings allow us to:

  • Check for any change to your circumstances
  • Review your consolidated plans and accounts (performance, contribution levels, risk levels) Are your goals and objectives the same? Are we on track? Where are we against the Journey Planner and your destination.
  • Drawdown reviews when relevant.

Gordon Craft has dealt with my financial planning for the last 15 years and I cannot speak more highly of him and Chasebridge Wealth Management. He has taken me through the process of investment and retirement planning, making what can be a bewildering subject understandable and accessible. I fee...

Sean Biollo | Retired, Oakham

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